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The Tag has an alpha-numeric ID printed under the actual QR Barcode Image. Enter this ID into the field above and click "Read This Tag".

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QR codes are a more modern form of barcodes that can contain a LOT more information than the common barcodes you are familiar with. Our QR codes contain a web address that takes you to this TagItToMe.com website and displays the contents of the scanned tag from our backend database.

This means the owner of that tag is in control of what a person sees when the tag is scanned. The owner of the tag can change that information at will, as often as needed.


No. You can type the TagID into this page, which will do the very same thing as scanning the barcode with a scanner. Look for the TagID somewhere on the tag itself, or on the packaging the tag came with. It looks like this: ABCD-EFGH.

If you purchased a tag and want to REGISTER it, you need to do that by logging into your account. And, of course, if you don't yet have an account, you will need to create one first, using the navigation links at the top of this page.


No. But if you have a whole batch of tags to register, the smart-phone app will make it much faster and easier, since you can scan the TagID in instead of having to type it in manually. Just click one of the links for Android or Apple to go to our apps download page.

ALSO, if you have a smart-phone app you can modify your tag anywhere, on the go. Otherwise you would have to get to a computer to log into your account on the web.